Misson Blog Goes Global

Just browsed the visitor stats from last year and found hits from the following countries…. “United Kingdom”,5935 “United States”,159 “Switzerland”,59 “France”,36 “Australia”,25 “Canada”,21 “Germany”,20 “New Zealand”,13 “European Union”,8 “Italy”,7 “Spain”,4 “United Arab Emirates”,3 “India”,3 “Brazil”,3 “Philippines”,2 “Russia”,2 “Malta”,2 “Cyprus”,2 “Kenya”,2 “Serbia”,1 “Bermuda”,1 “Mexico”,1 “Netherlands”,1 “Turkey”,1 “Romania”,1 “Belgium”,1 “Egypt”,1 “Japan”,1 “Singapore”,1 “Austria”,1 “Barbados”,1 If you pop…

Borehole Application and Meeting

IGas intend to drill two boreholes to investigate the potential for shale gas in Misson, Nottinghamshire. The consultation is now open on their application for environmental permits to carry this out. 27 January 2016 For immediate Release IGas apply for environmental permits for Springs Road site – Public consultation open until 8 March IGas Ltd…

Stunning News Item (slight return).

Amazing! (If slightly out of date). We don’t have an actual photo of Miss Styring, so here’s an artists impression of her about to pop out to the post office for a stamp.

Sale of land from 1902

Something else that came out of the history day from last summer. Some excellent field names, some now sadly gone 😦 Short Ruffam’s Low Meadow, Rugged Butts anyone?

Neighbourhood Plan – Public Meeting Sunday 6th December

Thanks to everyone who took time before Christmas to come to the Community Centre and join in the evaluation of the options for Misson Mill. Nearly two hundred people attended and following the meeting the votes were counted and following table summarises the result Option 1 Approx 30 dwellings, new employment zone and Misson Mill retained…